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I'm a Senior Research Scientist in Community Informatics at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois.

Technology Education and Social Justice

Technology education at all levels is inherently political. Knowledge of the world is socially constructed within specific historical and social contexts that are fundamentally mediated by power relations. Cyberlibertarianism and its underlying foundational frameworks can be understood, then, as a pivotal factor mediating political relations by becoming a core foundational design inspiration for, and means for reifying neoliberal influences and power relations through, our technologies. A critical lens complements a sociotechnical systems approach by exposing ways in which technology artifacts are socially constructed, intentionally and unintentionally, to reinforce exploitation, marginalization, and cultural imperialism. Continue reading

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On being a step builder

I’ve had many stimulating conversations at the workshops held the last several days at the Engagement Scholarship Conference. But the really mind blowing realization over the last two days is that I am seeing things in my discipline unseeable by my … Continue reading

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Printing a fabric poster

A colleague, Aiko Takazawa, was telling me about a wonderful new services she had discovered — printing posters on fabric. In researching it further, I came across a post regarding different fabric poster options on the American Society for Cell Biology website. … Continue reading

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Labor Day and Digital Literacy for ALL Learners

The following is a post I just made to our project page for a project I am leading called “Digital Literacy for ALL Learners, funded by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity through their Eliminate the Digital Divide program. … Continue reading

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Child immigrant crisis

We have reached a crisis point regarding the children who are coming, often unaccompanied, to the U.S. from Central America.  Vox has done a helpful two minute summary on the issue.  We recently watched The Stranger, a short film about … Continue reading

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Of Gardens and Walled Communities

This morning I laid in bed listening to passersby walking or biking down our street commenting on our garden. A few minutes later I was walking through the garden assessing the impact of the overnight rains. I pulled a few weeds … Continue reading

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Facebook Does Mind Control

Originally posted on Gurstein's Community Informatics:
News is coming out about Facebook initiated and largely conducted social research experiment examining the effects of various types of emotionally loaded messages on the “mood” of selected Facebook (FB) users. The details…

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