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I'm a Senior Research Scientist in Community Informatics at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois.

A Growing Understanding of Digital Literacy

Literacy is a set of competencies and knowledge within a certain domain. Digital literacy, then, is literacy within the realm of digital information and communication technologies. Summarizing a variety of definitions regarding digital literacy and related computational thinking, the set of competencies … Continue reading

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Community Informatics Studio, Summer 2016

Co-instructors: Martin Wolske and Kirstin Phelps Weekly Meeting Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 6-8:30pm, June 14-July 7 Simultaneous Meeting Location: LIS242 and Online Community informatics studio projects have regularly focused on design of programs and space in response to needs and opportunities … Continue reading

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Trump and the Need for Just Peace

Would Hitler’s Germany have been any more acceptable had they not had expansionist ambitions? Certainly not!  Would it have been any more tolerated by the other nations of the world? Probably so. As Trump unmasks the fear and willingness to … Continue reading

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Critical Theory and ‘Radical’ Social Justice : The LIS Response

Originally posted on Social Justice Librarian:
Dealing with ‘Intellectual’ Jargon After all the years of graduate school I went through, I am happy that I quickly understood (at least from my perspective) that the smartest faculty could explain the most…

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The Garden Calendar

It’s mid-February and according to our Wolske Urban Farm calendar it’s time to start gardening for 2016. The last of our leeks were only pulled from the ground 2 weeks ago, and there’s still a few parsnips hidden for us … Continue reading

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A Little Free Garden Movement

It’s been very exciting to see the popularity of Little Free Libraries in neighborhoods around the country. Today I’d like to propose a counterpart, Little Free Gardens. Two years ago, while planning out our ever-growing city garden, a scripture popped … Continue reading

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Does a Library Need Books, and Other Silly Questions

I get up, get dressed, eat breakfast before heading out into my shop. As I stretch and look around, I wonder, do I need a table saw? I visit a friend and take a seat in their gourmet kitchen. As … Continue reading

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