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I'm a Senior Research Scientist in Community Informatics at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois.

Permaculture – discovering the new and formalizing the old

Originally posted on Angie and Martin's Side-yard Urban Farm:
Permaculture is both very new and very old to me. It is new in that I only began to visit websites and read books about permaculture fall 2013. It is…

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Demystifying What???

Collaborative reflections on field notes, data, and experiences within our research team the last couple of weeks have been immensely helpful in bringing to light some key ideas regarding our approach to digital literacy. We refer to the general approach as Demystifying Technology. … Continue reading

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New Class: Informal Learning Spaces and Pedagogies

I am so excited to share this early draft syllabus (bibliography posted separately) for a new class I will be developing for fall 2015. Title: Informal Learning Spaces and Pedagogies Meeting Time: Tuesday, 9-11:50, August 25 – December 8 Meeting Location: … Continue reading

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Draft Bibliography: Informal Learning Spaces and Pedagogies

The following is a draft bibliography for the new course I’m developing for fall 2015 called “Informal Learning Spaces and Pedagogies”. I welcome feedback on this bibliography, and also hope others find it valuable for their own work. (Many of … Continue reading

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Community happens when…

Community happens when the many realize their oneness1 … When the neighbor is loved as the self;2 When the suffering that is experienced by the one directly is also suffered by the many indirectly;3 When the common good – and especially … Continue reading

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Creative Destruction’s Impacts

The last few weeks have been exceptionally hard as I watch one important social program after another see immediate cuts, and as I talk to those in our community and state who are already struggling take one more punch to the … Continue reading

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Public Libraries Exemplifying Various Trends

In my last post I introduced the engaged public library as a defining transition underway across our country. Rather than a specific end-product, the engaged library is a user-driven, ongoing process of co-created and co-delivered services. Thus, while some aspects may remain core … Continue reading

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