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I'm a Senior Research Scientist in Community Informatics at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois.

Problem-posing Education

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question. Eugene Ionesco I am an educator both as vocation and avocation, although I do not have a formal education degree. And while I can deliver a strong 3-hour lecture with … Continue reading

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Managing Implicit Bias

The last year has seen increased attention given in the popular media to implicit or unconscious bias, for instance: A May 2014 Inquiring Minds interview with neuroscientist David Omodio A November 2014 CNN report on racism without racists A 2-part This American Life story … Continue reading

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From the individual to the social and back again

In my last post, I explored my recent considerations regarding different understandings of individualism. From a market neoliberal approach, society is built from individuals and nothing but individuals — we are the sum of the characteristics brought to society by … Continue reading

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Distinguishing Individualism — the Capability Approach and Fostering Community

I would categorize both my professional and personal vocation as fostering community. As with any such development work, this brings with it value judgements of what should be improved so as to foster community. I’m increasingly finding, however, that our country’s … Continue reading

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Our Alienation from Ourselves

The world cannot be a problem to anyone who sees that ultimately Christ, the world, his brother and his own inmost ground are made one and the same in grace and redemptive love. If all the current talk about the … Continue reading

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Educational Performance: It’s about inequity and poverty

Much is made about our failing schools and the need for educational reform. Too often this takes the form of dismantling public education to instead champion private forms of education, or fighting teachers unions, or calling for more standards and … Continue reading

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The Impact: Citizens Affecting Social Change

Knowing the ultimate reason we are doing what we’re doing is so important, allowing us to work backwards to make sure we are maximizing limited resources but also helping to assure we are using processes consistent with the end goal. … Continue reading

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